LG Basic II Lock

    Safes with this Lock:
  1. Various [early models]
    Early models that came standard with the LG Basic II are no longer available with this lock.

  1. To ensure the safety of your belongings, you MUST change the factory set code to your own unique code immediately!


      User Code
    1. Opens Lock
    2. Change Combination
      Wrong Entry Penalty
    1. Entry of 4 consecutive invalid codes results in a 5 minute delay period
      Low Battery Warning
    1. Repeated LED flashing & beeping during opening indicates battery is low & needs replacement
      Automatic Re-lock
    1. The controller will re-lock in 4 seconds after a valid entry is made and the door is open
      Audio & Visual Signal
    1. Double Signal : 2 flashes & 2 beeps - indicates entry is valid or accepted
    2. Triple Signal : 3 flashes & 3 beeps - indicates invalid or not accepted


      Always Perform this operation with the door open
    1. Before closing the door, make sure all the changes are correct.
      Opening the Lock
    1. Enter : Valid 6-digit Code
      The lock will confirm a valid code entry with a double signal
    2. Within 4 seconds, turn handle to the open position
    3. Pull door open
      NOTE: Invalid Code Entry - Lock will signal 3 times
      Wrong-Try Penalty
    1. Entry of 4 consecutive invalid combinations starts a 5 minute delay period
      Light flashes Red at 10 second intervals
      Entry will not respond to any keystroke during delay period
    2. At the end of the delay period, 2 more consecutive invalid combinations will restart an additional 5 minute delay period

    1. Verify the new master code at least 3 times before closing the door to make sure the code is correct.
    2. Operations between adjacent steps need be completed in 10 seconds. Otherwise, the lock system sets back to standby status.

      Changing Your Combination
      Always Perform this operation with the door open
    1. Enter : 0-0-0-0-0-0
    2. Enter : Existing 6-digit Code
    3. Enter : New 6-digit Code - New 6-digit Code
      If a mistake is made wait 30 seconds & repeat steps 1 - 3.
    4. Test lock operation several times before closing the door
      CAUTION: When selecting a Code do not use birthdays or other predictable data that could give correlation between the user & code. Keep the code secret.

    1. Valid Code Entry : Double Signal after valid code is entered
    2. Invalid Code Entry : Triple Signal indicates the old code is still valid.

      Low Battery Warning
      Repeated beeping during an opening indicates that the battery is low & needs immediate replacement. Uses one 9V Alkaline Battery. LA GARD™ recommends the use of Duracell™ or Eveready™ Alkaline batteries. LA GARD™ recommends the replacement of batteries at least once annually. If battery is depleted and will not allow lock to open, simply follow instructions below. Lock contains a non-volatile memory, even with batteries removed the lock will retain all programming.

      Changing the BatteriesBattery Compartments
      Small Battery Box:
    1. Slide the keypad housing up & carefully pull away from mounting surface to expose battery compartment.
    2. Remove 9V Alkaline Battery & replace with new one.
    3. The connector is easily removed by unsnapping it from the two terminals on the top of the battery.
      CAUTION: Hold onto battery terminal to avoid pulling wires out of housing.
    4. Carefully position the keypad over the mounting screws & slide the keypad housing down. Ensure that there are no wires or cables trapped between the input pad & the safe door. Pinched cables can result in a short circuit.
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