• All Steel Construction  All Steel Construction
  • Holds 24 Rifles!  Holds 24 Rifles!
  • 1/2 Hour Fire Rating  30 minute fire rating, tested in temperatures up to 1200°F
  • Holds 24 Rifles!  Fully Upholstered Interior. Adjustable shelving with gun storage. Holds 24 Rifles!
  • High Strength 12 Gauge Body  High Strength Unitized 12 Gauge Body.
  • Advanced Electronic Lock  Advanced electronic lock in sleek black finish. Protected by drill-resistant hardplate
  • Outlet & USB Port  Interior outlet stip includes 3 Electrical Sockets & 2 USB Ports. Power source cord included.
  • Anchor Holes Provided  Four anchor holes provided to secure your safe to the floor or counter
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Hinges  Heavy-duty steel hinges
  • Solid Steel Door  Thick solid steel door lined with fire-resistant material with heat-activated seal
  • Solid Steel Bolts  ¾" Diameter Live Locking Bolts

Textured Black