MSL-EDH10 Lock


      This is a standard hotel room configuration lock.
    1. User sets a new code every time the safe is used (the code you use to lock your safe is the code you will use to unlock the safe).
      Quick Start
      Closing the Safe
    1. Make sure safe door is unlocked
    2. Press "*" button
    3. LED Displays "CLOSE"
    4. Enter any 4 digit number
    5. Press "#" button
      Example: " * " - "1 - 2 - 3 - 4" - " # "
      Opening the Safe
    1. Press "*" button
    2. LED Displays "OPEN"
    3. Enter your code
    4. Press "#" button
      Using the Override Key
    1. You will need to remove 2 screws which are located on the top and bottom of the keypad.
    2. Once the screw are removed, remove the face of the keypad gently and you will find the override key lock.
      Changing the Batteries
    1. The battery compartment is located on the inside of the door.
    2. You will need to unlock the compartment with the keys provided (not the override keys).
    3. You will need to remove old batteries and replace with 4 new AA Alkaline batteries.
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