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LG Basic
      Choosing A Locating
    1. The wall safe should be mounted in an obscure location such as a bedroom or hall closet and must be installed in a 2' x 4' or thicker framed wall.
    2. Be sure that no plumbing pipes or electrical wires run through the wall cutout area where your wall safe is to be located and that there is room to swing the safe door open without obstruction.
    3. The wall safe is 14 inches wide and designed to fit between standard 16 inch center-to-center wall framing.
      NOTE: Most homes have wall framing construction of 2' x 4's and/or 2 x 6's that are located on 16 inch centers.
      Cut Out Wall
    1. Determine the approximate location of the stud for the right hand side of your wall safe (hinge side). Drill or cut a large enough pilot hole to determine where the inside edge of this stud is located.
    2. Using a building square, draw a vertical pencil line 21 1/8'' long along the inside edge of the stud. This will locate the right hand (hinged) side of the safe.
    3. From the top of your scribed line, measure 14 inches to the left and make a pencil mark. Repeat this measurement at the bottom of the vertical line. With the building square. Draw a vertical line between the pencil marks locating the left side of the safe.
    4. With the square, draw a horizontal line at the top of the 21 1/8'' measurement joining the two vertical lines. Repeat this action at the bottom. You should now have a 14'' x 21 1/8'' rectangle scribed on the wall between studs.
    5. With a saber saw or equivalent tool, starting the pilot hole, cut along the pencil lines and remove the wall section.
      CAUTION: With a flashlight look through the pilot hole and make sure there are no electrical wires or plumbing in the cutout area before you start cutting.
      Install Your Safe
    1. Place your wall safe through cutout in a wall so that the hinge side of the safe is flush against the right hand stuf and the front flange is flat against the wall. With the safe door open, extend the telescoping back by pushing it from the inside until maximum possible depth is achieved.
    2. With the safe door still open and back extended, install six wood scrrews (included) through holds in right hand side of safe and into stud. Tighten safe flush to stud. Do not over tighten screws.
    3. With the safe door open, install six screws (included) through the holes in left hand side of safe and into stud. Tighten screws flush to inside of safe side wall. Do not over tighten screws.

      1. NOTE:
      2. There may be a light amount of space between the safe side wall and the left hand stud. This is normal. The right-hand hinged side of your wall safe must be tightened flush to the right hand stud.

    4. Install four (4) wood screws [included] through recessed holes in front flange of wall safe and into studs. Tighten screws flush with flange.
    5. Install expandable shelves as needed.
      Wrong Try Penalty
    1. Entry of four (4) consecutive invalid combinations starts a five (5) minute delay period. - LED flashes red at ten (10) second intervals. Entry will not respond to a single keystroke during delay period.
    2. At the end of the delay period, two more consecutive invalid combinations will restart an additional five (5) minute delay period.
      Manual Code Override
    1. For your convenience, we have engineered a manual override system into your safe. If you forgot or misplace your combination, remove the round plastic cap below and to the left of the keyboard. Behind the cap, you will find a key lock. Insert the chrome key and turn it to the left in a counter-clockwise direction. Pull the chrome handle. This will manually open your safe at any time.
      Program the Digital Combination Lock ALWAYS PERFORM THIS OPERATION WITH THE DOOR OPEN
    1. Press 1, 5, 9, A (factory preset code) and open the door by pulling the chrome handle.
    2. Locate the button on the inside of the door near the hinges.
    3. Press the button; then release it and you will hear a beep.
    4. Now press between 3 and 8 numbers that you wish to use as a combination, and confirm by pressing to letter "B."
      NOTE: Be sure to write them down immediately. So you don't forget how to open the safe.
    5. To open the safe, push the numbers you have selected followed by the letter "A" and pull out the chrome handle.
      Low Battery Warning
    1. If the batteries are low, a red light will warn you immediately.
      Changing the Batteries
    1. Open the safe door with your combination and pull the chrome handle.
    2. Once inside, batteries are revealed.
    3. Replace the weak batteries with fresh new batteries.
      CAUTION: Be careful not to damage the wiring in the safe while removing batteries.
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