3 Combo Wheel Lock


3-Combo Wheel Lock

Operate the combination lock immediately several times with the door open to become familiar with it. Don’t spin the dial under any circumstances. Always rotate the dial slowly, and make certain you stop the dial exactly on the number called for by the combination. If you pass a number mark, start over from the beginning. Never use force on the lock. Your combination lock has been carefully tested and inspected. Combination operating problems are rare. If your Mesa Safe opens after difficulty in operating the lock, DO NOT RELOCK THE SAFE. Please contact Mesa Safe’s Technical Support Team for assistance in correcting the problem [ Ph: 714.202.8000 / Available: Mon - Fri / 7am to 4pm / PST ].
After warranty, we recommend the lock be serviced by a qualified locksmith every two years.

Combination Dial Lock Directions:

  1. Turn LEFT stopping when dial the first number comes the Fourth time to mark at top of dial.
  2. Turn RIGHT stopping when the second number comes the Third time to the mark at top of dial.
  3. Turn LEFT stopping when the third number comes the Second time to the mark at top of dial.
  4. Turn full RIGHT slowly until dial reaches positive stopping point and open safe.

If locking bolt does not retract after you have dialed the combination to open. It is possible the lock was jarred during shipment. Repeat opening procedure using one number lower than each number of your combination. Also try one number higher that each number. Example: 20-60-40, dial 19-59-39 and 21-61-41. If either sequence of numbers operates your lock, change your instruction sheet accordingly.

Locking Your Safe:
To lock, turn dial to the LEFT at least four revolutions. Always make sure your safe is locked and secured.

If you are missing parts, have difficulty programming or opening your safe or have any other questions regarding the use and care of your safe, DO NOT RETURN your safe to the store.
Please contact Tech Support at 888.381.8514 for assistance.
Live Technical Support Available Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm [Pacific Standard Time]
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