High Security Safe
A unique design that combines all the security features of high security safes from burglary and the peace of mind achieved with a fire safe.


Exterior: 40" x 21 58" x 21 58"
Interior: 35 14" x 16" x 15 14"
Interior Cu.Ft.: 5.0
Weight: 830 lbs


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  • All Steel Construction
    MESA's MBF Series Gun Safes are 100% all steel constructed safes. Unlike our competition, we do not use any plastic body parts.
    All Steel Constructed
  • Extreme Protection
    These safes are built to withstand temperatures up to 1830° Farenheit for durations up to 2 hours. Internal temperature stays well below paper-burn temperature.
    Fire Protection
  • Storage Uses
    Great for storing classified documents and valuables such as precious stones, jewelry, watches, necklaces, diamonds and other highly rare items.
    Store your Guns Safely
  • Drop Tested
    This safe is built to survive a 3 story fall.
    Drop Tested