Under Bed Gun Safe
Protect your weapons and other valuables combining all the security features of a burglar safe and the unique design of a quick-access hidden gun locker.

Exterior: 6" x 52" x 14.625"
Interior: 3 18" x 43 14" x 13"
Interior Cu.Ft.: 1
Weight: 65 lbs


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  • All Steel Construction
    MESA's MUBG Series Under Bed Gun Safe is 100% all steel constructed. Unlike our competition, we do not use any plastic body parts.
    All Steel Constructed
  • Invisibility & Accessibility
    These safes are built to fit right beneathe your bed or within the narrow confines of a closet. The locker-style design allows for quick & easy access and offers ample room to store multiple long rifles, handguns and important documents.
    Fire Protection
  • Get Lit
    Equipped with an exterior LED light just above the lock for ease of access in dark spaces.
    Light Up!
  • DOJ Compliant
    This safe is built to comply with California Department of Justice firearm storage specifications, so even in the most progressive of states, you can keep your weapons safe and without issue.
    Drop Tested