Gun Safes

MESA's MBF and MGL Series Gun Safes protect your weapons and other valuables combining all the security features of a burglar safe and the peace of mind of a fire safe. These heavy-duty safes are constructed of all-steel like the rest of our full line of steel constructed safes. These safes are specially designed for those who love to hunt, collect firearms as a hobby and to keep your firearms locked up and secured. Keep your weapons such as rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives, ammunition and other types of weaponry in a heavy-duty and secure safe. Prevent any accidents from unauthorized users such as children and others who don't know how to operate a firearm. Most importantly, prevent theft and burglary from intruders and thieves from stealing your firearms in your home. Keep them safe from harm and protect your family and friends.
MESA offers fourteen different gun safe models, including MBF5922E, MBF6032E, MBF7236E and MGL Series MGL14E, MGL24E, MGL36E,MPS-1, MGS45E, MGS39E-ETL, MGS22E-ETL, MGH45E, MGH45E-HG, MGH39E, and MGH39-HG.